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In an age of clean & creative design one constant will always remain true. (even if the design changes in the future, which is inevitable)

"Marketing & Design is all about the USER EXPERIENCE.

As you progress through this article you might have heard of UX or User Experience, but if not here is an overview for you.

So, what is User Experience or UX?

Definition: Eliciting a person’s emotions about a product, service, or system.

Feelings, meaning, value, etc. that one elicits from an innate object or intangible good.

With the emergence of mobile, social, and computer technologies this has become more prevalent than ever.

UX encompasses these 4 broad components:

// Marketing // Branding // Visual Design // Usability

After understanding UX, applying these practices has been seen in several environments including:

+Print Design

+Web Design

I was fortunate enough to be involved in a creative project that merges digital with traditional.

We had the idea of bringing forth a new technology called Aurasma (HP just bought Autonomy) which gives the user an innovative and clean experience. Here is a link to the site:

We used iconography to describe the steps of downloading the app in a fun and hip manner.

Most importantly, we are putting the experience in the hands of the consumers.

We are providing them a sample book, a standard marketing & selling practice with a new way to access our product video by just scanning the cover of the book with the app that was downloaded on their smartphone. Once they scan the image on their phone, a video will pop up on their phone.

This technology is blending traditional and digital marketing with the sole intention of giving the user what they want.

My final thought is QR codes are out, Aurasma is in. I encourage you to push the limits with mixes of traditional/digital marketing and technology in a creative manner but always remember one thing.

CUSTOMERS are at the core!

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Inspirational Ad makes history…


Ernest Shackleton posted this advertisement in the newspaper in 1901 to inspire men to embark on a journey to ANTARCTICA.

The bottom states:

"Honor and recognition in case of success"

What companies today inspire you via advertisements to do something bigger than yourself?

Be inspirational. Be brave. Be You.

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"Make it Count"- Steps to refresh your videos online


After analyzing some of todays top brands like Nike, Google, Red Bull, etc., what is it about their online presence that "REALLY" separates them from the rest?


To start, about two months ago, I was fortunate to attend one the largest marketing conferences in the nation: Ad-Tech of San Fransisco. At that event, numorous experts spoke about new and emerging trends on videos, social, and advertising. One specific discussion that was lead by one employee from Pandora and another from Youtube left me with these two suprising statistics:

  1. 1 in 2 people curate videos found elsewhere-Youtube, Social Media, Publications, etc.
  2. There are 1 Billion people on Youtube-viewers & creators

So that left me thinking….

Since there are billions of people on Youtube and 1 of 2 people are sharing that content, how do you get the masses to share your video and get your video viewed? 

It is definitely Easier said than done….but in my opinion it’s possible.

Here’s the truth:

"It’s all about being DIFFERENT and not being afraid of taking risks & empowering your advocates & influence’s to share/create videos."

But how?

Here are some steps for you:

1.) Out with the old, in with the NEW

Get rid of these types of videos:

  • Poorly cut videos-take the time to hire a PRO who understands cinematography
  • Boring FAQs
  • Product Selling (Yell & Sell)-that’s so the 90’s

& Try these:

  • Inspirational videos
  • Humorous 
  • Videos that provide your network with valuable information
  • Include new, trendy songs

2.) Develop contests for your advocates! (people that are brand loyal)

  • People love to create videos and be creative in their own right. Be the vehicle for that outlet. Encourage your network via contests to create videos with a beautiful prize at the end for the winners:) You can re-purpose those videos which is really good for SEO purposes—Google Juice!

To wrap it up, I have provided you a great example that Nike created called “Make it Count”.

This video empowered advocates (one in particular-who won) to create a compelling & creative story of how to make life “Count”. It also featured inspirational & humorous moments which in turn went Viral.

OVER 8 Million views on YOUTUBE….enjoy!

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Drum Roll Please…. “and the #1 Marketing Company of 2013 is Red Bull”

Their marketing has wings…I swear.

Lets explore why.

Why is it that you go to the store and you get a Red Bull instead of the competitors with out thinking about it? or why does your friend show up to a party drinking a Red Bull to get energy before the long, fun night ahead?


Red Bull is one of the few companies in this day and age that has mastered content marketing and understands the value that content brings to people.

Here are some examples:

  • Inspirational-quotes, images, etc.
  • Educational-videos, FAQs, etc. 
  • Informative-webinars, whitepapers, etc.

Red Bull picks the appropriate category for their consumers then they take action….fast!

After curating that content (for you) they take the time to develop a well thought out strategy which inspires their market via imagery, videos, action sports movies which draws you in. (and most the time it goes VIRAL)

They live on the edge and other marketers should take note.

One final thought for you:

So as you leave your local market with a Red Bull in hand remember that action sports video you saw online or campaign on TV that inspires you to be fearless because that content subliminally captured your attention indirectly and sold you. (in a good way)

Now thats good marketing.

DRINK ON & Enjoy this FUN video they created for you!

Click the link below;)

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Swedish House Kills it for Volvo

I love it when companies incorporate new, hard hitting DJs to bridge the gap between social, product placement, & ultimately new trendy (maybe viral) branded content

swedish house mafia creative product placement

Link: Instagram More Effective Than Pinterest for Top Brands

Taking Instagram to the new level for Brands…Explore the secret to success here.

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